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To start, I have a question for you: do you drink cow’s milk and have cereal in the morning? I used to, but not anymore. I had been drinking cow’s milk almost every day for a year since I came to the US in 2010. The result? I had severe skin problems. When I was told to totally cut wheat and dairy, my skin started to clear up.  But even though I have stopped consuming dairy or wheat since then, I still often have a few breakouts here and there. Change of makeups and the use of topical applications to my skin helped sometimes; yet, it does not have a lasting change.  I started to realize it is not simply about quitting a certain type of food or taking other foods; and it is not just about seeking a quick fix to wipe out symptoms on the surface, while the root of the problem still exists. Instead, it is about looking deep inside our body as a system and find out how it can affect our skin. I believe rethinking about my lifestyle suggests an answer to long-lasting change and radiant skin.  And a big part of our lifestyle is formed by the food we put into our body.

That’s why I started my Beauty Detox Diet Journey, which inspires me to explore further down the path. It has become clearer to me that it is both my passion and mission to use this blog as a platform to reveal secrets of dietary approaches to great skin for you and me.


A holistic understanding of how healthy eating relates to improving our skin

Holistic health

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I have seen these similar pieces of information flying throughout the internet: “The Perfect Skin Diet”, “5 Foods for Healthy Skin”, “10 Foods for Healthier Skin”, “A Diet for Gorgeous Skin” and many more (and I am sure you have, too). Although they are all good information, they are like pieces of puzzles to me. With one piece of the puzzle, I only get a sneak peek of the whole picture. I feel that something is missing from the information I get on the internet. Instead of fractions, I am more interested in exploring a system and a holistic understanding of how dietary approach can improve my skin (and yours, too). Therefore, part of the mission of my blog is to curate the different pieces from here and there so that we are able to tell the whole story. Hm.. kind of like detectives pulling pieces of evidence together to reveal the truth, right?


Learn. Experiment. Evolve.

Detox diets compared to chemistry

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Part of the blog has been set up as my “Health Lab” to document my diet plans, experiments, progress, discoveries, and learning.  Granted everyone’s body is different, I would like to experience different programs and experiments myself to see how they have effects on my skin and my body. What is coming ahead is unknown to me. Yet, I find this very exciting. I look forward to sharing my journey with you. Hopefully, we will learn, grow and together achieve our goal of having radiant skin!


Blending Chinese and Western Cultures

Healthy diet fusion

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You may have noticed this: Traditional Chinese Medicine study is a summary by Chinese ancestors more than two thousand years ago. It is not based on scientific studies, but on Chinese doctors’ professional practice along the years. On the other hand, the western society constantly seeks scientific studies and proof to further understand health.  It would be interesting to learn how to utilize the two totally different approaches to improve our skin and, ultimately, our overall health and well-being.

No one is better than the other. It is my deepest belief that I learn the best from both cultures, internalize it and become the best version I can.  Thus, I apply my belief in health. This can be best reflected in a quote by Confucius: “If I am walking with two other men, each of them will serve as my teacher. I will select the good points of the one and imitate them; and pick out the bad points of the other and correct them in myself.”


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3 thoughts on “About Tracy’s Health Lab

  1. Reply Marta Nov 6,2013 8:06 am

    Very inspiring!

    it’s true what you say about dairy products, especially cow’s milk…we do not need it at all! rice milk, almond milk, hazelnut milk and many other alternatives like even soya milk( if not GM) are better choices!

    • Reply Tracy Huang Nov 19,2013 11:57 pm

      Hello Marta,

      Thanks for stopping by! I am glad that you found that helpful. And thanks for all the tips 😉

      I found that for me, rice milk (this contains a lot of sugar) and soy milk should be taken with caution. I once had only about 400ml of the mixture and immediately had a bump on my chin the following day, which can mean hormonal imbalance according to TCM. When I stopped having both, the bump slowly fade away day by day. And my chin healed by itself after 3-4 days. Everyone’s body is different. So, in the end, we need to find what fits us best.

      However, I totally agree with you that the options you listed above are better than cow’s milk. According to my own experience, cow’s milk caused severe acne on my skin! And, I like almond milk a lot.

      Again, thanks for sharing, Marta;) In return, here is what my husband and I like: hemp milk + sesame milk + a little bit of honey. Not sure if you have tried it. If you haven’t, give it a try. We love it!

      Look forward to you coming back, so that we can continue to discuss;D

      For health and peace,


  2. Reply Marta Dec 21,2013 2:47 pm

    Awesome, I will try it:)

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