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Me spending a wonderful time with dear friends at Christmas.

Welcome back and hope you had a lot of fun on Christmas!

What did you enjoy the most from the holiday? For me, the most fun part of enjoying a holiday is I get to spend more quality time with friends (yes, no family here in Boston because parents are still in China; and in-laws, in Canada). But, fortunately, having some dear friends around me is like having another family here. I hope you also received a lot of love and blessings during the holiday as well. Speaking of the holiday…

1. Post-Holiday Detox Diet

…are you still having the leftovers from Christmas? If so, maybe it is time to pause and give your body a rest. In case you miss it, here I am sharing again my latest post on getting a post-holiday detox diet to help you regain the internal balance and restore more energy. You might be secretly expecting me to recommend a juice fast. On the contrary, having a juice cleanse right after the holiday is not recommended here. Instead, you will still have to eat…but in a cleaner way with more fiber-rich foods to help with digestion and clear away internal toxins.  Find out more on why you shouldn’t do a juice cleanse right after the holiday and diet plans suggested by Dr. Oz and Joy Bauer from this post.

2. Don’t Stop Taking the Supplements

This article is a good continuation of the supplements-have-no-benefits-at-all statement in my last news update.  Dr. Ronald Hoffman, active clinician, author and acknowledge leader in the field of complementary medicine, has stepped up to voice his opinions for this latest research finding. He has pointed out seven flaws he noticed in the research studies in Annals of Internal Medicine, which makes him believe the statement that all supplements have no benefits is a hasty conclusion.

Growing up, I believed that all authorities as the authority. But later I have found out, especially when one authority is fighting against the other, we should not take things for granted. Instead, we need to develop our own critical thinking, do our research and, at the very least, use our common sense and very own personal experience. For example, as I mentioned in my last post, when I noticed that my acne marks faded as I started to take some Vitamin C pills.

So Dr. Hoffman’s suggestion is continue taking our supplements. Let’s wait and see what’s happening next.

3. Five Ways USDA Puts Your Health at Risk

Speaking of developing our own wisdom instead of solely relying on all authorities, here is another interesting post for you. David Robinson Simon, Los Angeles-based lawyer and the author of Meatonomics, has listed 5 conducts by U.S. Department of Agriculture that leave traces of providing inadequate food safety regulation, misleading product labeling, and confusing or inaccurate nutrition advice.

As always, don’t leave a concern or an issue without an action item. What is the recommended action item by this post? That is: to “treat dietary advice from the USDA as you would investment advice from a car salesman: with caution”. Personally, I really like this one ;  )

4. Vinland Restaurant Takes Local to Another Level

Alright…the last two pieces of news are a bit serious, I know. How about having a light-hearted subject right now?

Here is another interesting discovery: Vinland Restaurant, open in this summer (according to the video below), is the first restaurant in the US that serves 100% locally grown and organic food. What’s more, the waiters and waitresses will wear clothes that are locally made; and the entire restaurant’s interior design is made possible with only local materials, such as white birch. Chef David Scott Levi has traveled around the world such as Copenhagen and Northern Sweden to learn about wild foods, wild innovation and traditional techniques like fermentation; and then instilled what he has learned to Vinland, his intellectual baby that reflects his passion to develop healthy and sustainable business that supports local economies and to inspire people living in Maine how they can make the best use of their locally-grown foods.

Here is a video of David himself speaking for Vinland Restaurant’s Kickstarter campaign and explaining his passion. Hm…I will make sure to visit Vinland Restaurant if I travel to Maine next time!

5. Healthy 2014 Pin Boards

Using Pinterest? Yes? Great! No? Then maybe you should consider creating one to receive some motivation and inspirations for eating healthy and eating clean in 2014 ; ) Let’s see what Pinterest has offered us.

As you are reading this, you are probably thinking about your New Year Resolution (if you are reading this post before the New Year). What’s on your to-do list for a better year (and… for better skin, of course!)? If you haven’t decided and would like to look for some inspirations, make sure you don’t miss out on these healthy accounts recommended by Pinterest team and loaded with recipes for nutrition-packed options. Just click on the hyperlinks below the visuals. They will take you directly to the accounts. Enjoy and have fun pinning!

Healthy diet plan with veggie soup

Click here for “Light and Healthy” themed recipes. Photo from

Healthy diet plan with carrot soup

Click here for “Healthy Soups” themed recipes. Photo from

Healthy diet plan with kale salads

Click here for “Gluten Free” themed recipes. Photo from

Healthy diet plan with smoothies

Click here for “Smoothies” themed recipes. Photo from

Healthy diet plan with potatoes

Click here for “Let’s Get Healthy” themed recipes. Photo from

Now that we are on the topic of New Year Resolution, what is on your mind right now for the New Year? I would love to learn more from you! Oh, by the way, I will be sharing my New Year Resolution very soon. Stay tuned. XOXO



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