Tracy’s Pick of the Week: 12/9/13 – 12/15/13

Welcome back to “Tracy’s Pick of the Week” series. Were you able to grab some free smoothies in your neighborhood? Or, have you started your 22 Days Nutrition Challenge to begin your plant-based journey with Beyonce and Jay-Z? Whatever it may be, I hope you had fun in my first post in the series.

Below is the list of news I have prepared for you for the week from 12/9 to 12/15. Enjoy!

1. 12 Foods for Winter Detox

I found that this article is a good continuation of my last post “Foods and Nutrition for Acne Skin” as well as a good transition to X’mas dinner recipe ideas. Mind Body Green, one of my favorite go-to sources for health and wellness news and trends, talks about 12 foods that provides antioxidants to protect your from free radicals. Here is an importance lesson I have learned from there: always opt for locally grown and seasonal foods, if possible, to preserve their highest amount of nutrients.

2. Lift Introduces One-Month of Health Eating for Science

Lift, an awesome app I am using to keep track of my everyday habit I want to build (here is my account), launches The Quantified Diet Project. According to Lift, this project aims to do two things: 1. to help you switch to a healthier diet choice; 2. to measure every aspect of popular diets. This project welcomes your participation where you, if interested, sign up to be notified and choose one out of ten diets they have prepared for four weeks. It opens on January 1. So, you still have time to consider. I have signed up and asked to be notified already. Will you join me?

3. Kimberly Snyder Introduces Her First Podcast: Realize Yourself

Kimberly Snyder is Amazon Best Selling Author of The Beauty Detox Solution, which guided me through my first detox diet challenge here in My Diet Menu Plan and inspired me to walk further in the path of achieving glowing skin via foods and healthy lifestyle.  Her all-new podcast channel, Realize Yourself, will be talking about foods, nutrition and other aspects in life, so that you (and me) can achieve our full potential. From her first podcast, you will: explore the beauty of “align”, “evolve” and “inner power”, which are also key pillars I believe in my own life; and see what Kimberley Snyder means by becoming a “heart warrior”.

4. Michael Pollan Talks about “Supermarket Secrets”

This is an old video shared in Nourish: Food + Community which I think is yet so new to the public. So, I feel the urge to bring this up again and share. Having a “weird” habit of looking into little secrets behind what seems to be obvious, I found this two-minute video very interesting.  You’ll discover why “the supermarket is actually a very treacherous environment if you are trying to eat well or eat healthily”, how it actually sets you up to buy as many things as possible intuitively, and how you can develop counter-intuitive habits to avoid that ; – )

5. “All Natural” Still Not That Natural

As I mention above, I like to find out little secrets. Here is another one for you: do you know that even though the label on the packaging says “all natural”, it does not necessarily mean the food you want to buy is healthy.  The solution is simple: “use common sense and choose minimally processed foods whenever possible, and check with your doctor or registered dietitian”, according to Dana Angelo White, registered dietitian and author of this article. If you are interested in the arts of reading food labels, I have also written a post on what labels do and don’t tell you. Feel free to check that out.

6. EWG Introduces Hormone Disruptors

As you may have known already, hormonal imbalance is one of the key reasons that cause acne. So be sure to watch out for hormone disruptors. EWG has got a list of 12 disruptiors for us and some tips on how to avoid them in our daily life.

7. Five Skin Detox Tips and Ten Ingredients to Avoid

To continue on the last news, I also found more hormone disruptors that we could add to the list. Fortunately, before you get too overwhelmed, Dr. Robin Berzin, MD, integrative physician and author of this article also gives us five simple tips on how to avoid toxins without forcing ourselves to remember all the jargons. Very considerate.

8. Environmental Working Group (EWG) Launches Skin Deep App

One of the tips that Dr.Robin Berzin mentions in her article is to use apps such as this one to have a thorough understanding of the safety level of the products you are using. These days, I have slowly developed the habit of reading labels on skincare and cosmetic products. One thing we should all remember is that: as foods allow us to take care of our body from the inside, products we use allow us to take care of ourselves on the outside, which is equally important.  So, make sure you take advantage of this app to minimize the amount of toxins you are exposed to.

9. Zen Habits Shares a Method to Find Balance

Personally, I am very much attached to the word “balance”. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, we need balance within our body to achieve optimal state of physical health; and we also need work life balance to achieve long-term success. Here are some tips on work life balance by Leo Babauta, founder of Zen Habits. Remember, keeping a balance in life can bring down your stress level; and minimizing stress is a great way to fight acne! Speaking of fighting stress, the article below offers a great stress relief option that is worth your serious consideration ; – )

10. Meditation Yields Healthy Genes Changes

This piece of news is from the newsletter by Vital Choice, one of my recent favorite brands committed to offering organic foods and giving back to the community. According to the news, it is scientifically proven that meditation can provide stress relief and dampen inflammation. This is interesting, as that may be part of the reason why I saw the my acne marks heal more quickly after meditating for 10 days straight during my recent meditation retreat (!).

Hope you enjoy my selection, folks. May you all enjoy health and peace.

Sending lots of love from Boston.



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