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Welcome back to more news updates I pick for you.

Each time when I collect interesting news, it is always a hard-to-stop process, because there is so much I would like to share with you! As I do more research and read more news online, I have slowly come to realize that, the process of restoring clear and glowing skin means much more than just having a clean and pretty face. It also trains us to become smarter by peeling off what appears to be obvious and digging into the behind-the-scene to reveal truth.

I hope you will enjoy this time’s news collection. And, let’s be healthy, savvy and stress-free together.

1. Food Babe Launched Subway Petition; and Subway Responded

On February 4, Vani Hari, creator of Food Babe, started a petition to urge Subway to stop using dangerous chemicals in sandwiches (I signed up for the petition, too!). According to the blog, Subway uses a chemical called Azodicarbonamide which is also used to make yoga mats and shoe rubber and, when ingested, would lead to allergies, asthma and lung problems. Banned or not used in other countries, this chemical is still in use in the US and Canada.

On the same day when the petition was initiated, Subway’s Facebook Page was filled with comments regarding this particular chemical. According to a post on February 6 by Huffington Post’s Food for Thought Column, Subway subsequently made a statement that “the complete conversion to have this product out of the bread will be done soon”.

Always believing that we should look closely into the ingredients in what we eat, I am so thankful for there being savvy investigators like Hari out on the internet to educate us to become a savvy consumer.

2. Five Surprising Health Foods that You Shouldn’t Eat

Alright, since we are talking about Vani Hari, let’s see what else she has to say about healthy food choices. Things she recommends we avoid are: whole wheat bread, agave, Gatorade, almond milk and frozen yogurt. And, there are healthy alternatives being discussed in the video as well. Check it out.

3. Food Matters Skin Care Buying Guide (2014)

Earlier, I shared 7 Day Skin Detox challenge, which is also created by Food Matters. That challenge comes with this particular guide that I am about to share with you here, which I highly recommend to everyone. Just as Food Babe teaches us how to go beyond all the marketing hype and, instead, look into the ingredients used in different foods, Food Matters reinforces a similar message: we should be savvy about how we choose skincare products by investigating what is inside them.

This guide reveals 4 myths and 7 harmful ingredients that can be found in our skincare products, which can disruption our nervous system and hormones and trigger other health issues. So, how to become a wiser consumer? Eat well and choose carefully. You will find top 10 beautifying foods recommended by David Avocado Wolfe, one of the world’s leading authorities on nutrition, as well as 5 tips to help us shop for better alternatives.

“The skin is a true symbol of our health because its the last place to get nutrition; and, if you can drive all those nutrients all the way through to the skin, then you know it’s gotten everywhere else too. And, that’s something that we all recognise.” — David Avocado Wolfe

In short, there is lots of great and free content offered inside. Go take a look. Your skin will thank you. And, let’s become healthier and smarter consumers!

4. How Many Donuts Worth of Sugar are in These 10 Everyday Foods?

If you are a visual person like me, you will find this post interesting. It uses a chocolate coated donut (containing about 13 grams of sugar) as a benchmark to evaluate the amount of sugar in 10 foods that are not traditionally thought of as dessert items and that may be loaded with more sugar than you think. So watch out for that.

Here is a reminder for you: over-consumption of sugar can spike blood sugar levels and can ultimately lead to acne breakouts.

5. Healthy Travel Kit

This healthy travel kit is recommended by Jeny Sansouci. Sansouci is a Health Coach and featured author of Be WellI, a health blog created by Dr. Frank Lipman who is a pioneer and internationally recognized expert in the fields of Integrative and Functional Medicine. No matter you are on a short-distance or long-distance travel, I find it comes in handy for you. Let’s face it: it happens sometimes that you might encounter discomfort of different levels as you enter a new environment. What I like about this kit is that it contains small items for natural remedies – such as herbs, essential oils and tea bags – that can be easily packed into a suitcase.

The key take-away for me? Always be fully prepared before I travel.

6. Anxious? 4 Ways Aromatherapy can Help

Do you know that anxiety and stress can stimulate estrogen (male hormones) inside the body and can lead to acne breakouts? I learned about this from The Clear Skin Diet. So, it is very crucial to manage your stress and control the level of anxiety you may experience. One effective way to do so is try some aromatherapy. This post introduces us to 4 different ways we can embrace the power of aromatherapy to restore a calm and centered self.

These days, I am starting to learn more about this delicious treat, and have benefited from it already. Here, I’d like to share with you two of my favorite essential oils: rosemary and clary sage. Rosemary is also very good for fighting anxiety, whereas clary sage is stimulating and keeps you focused.

7. Six-Minute Video to Show how Your Food (Meat) is Made

When you are eating chicken nuggets and enjoying your surf and turf, have you ever wondered how all the meat is made? This short film gives us a glimpse of the entire meat production process, which makes me think if I should even cut down my animal meat intake (right now I am consuming animal protein about two to three times per week on average).

Speaking of animal protein, do you know that over-consumption of such protein on a regular basis for many years with little intake of alkaline fruits and vegetables will ultimately lead to an increase in the level of stress hormone called cortisol in the body (another lesson I learned by reading The Clear Skin Diet)? According to the book, this particular hormone can cause us to break out and trigger more inflammation in the acne lesion as well.

Thanks for sticking with me till the end of the post. Hope you enjoy it as much as I have put it together for you. By the way, what is your biggest lesson learned from my sharing today? Please feel free to leave me comments below.


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