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What I like about embarking on the journey of fighting acne is that, to me, it is more than just a process of restoring clear and glowing skin; besides, it is also a process which builds up my knowledge, trains me to become more of an independent thinker, and improves my productivity as well. Why so? Read the news below; and you will see why!

1. Fish Alleviates Anxiety

Experiencing anxiety and depression from time to time? That might be due to “omega imbalance”, which, according to the article, means “too few seafood source omega-3 and too many omega-6s from cheap vegetable oil”. Having some omega-3 rich fish might help. This article presents three studies, from Australia, the UK and the US, all pointing to the possibility that that more intake of omega-3 can prevent or alleviate anxiety and depression.

Before you are ready to go get some fish, make sure you avoid farmed fish when possible. These days, farmed fish are fed with genetically modified corn and soy; and there is an increased antibiotic use in farmed fish as well. What goes into the fish will go into your mouth and body, which can eventually be reflected on your skin, as I always mention in my blog. Make sure you opt for wild fish for your health and beauty.

2. Chipotle Web Series “Farmed and Dangerous” Episode Four Is Out

So, have you been watching Chipotle’s “Farmed and Dangerous”? Their fourth and final episode was released this past Monday.

Again, if you just landed on my blog for the first time and haven’t heard of this web series, “Farmed and Dangerous” is a satirical 4-part series (20 minutes for each episode) released by Chipotle on Hulu to inspire us consumers to seriously think about what we are eating these days and what is happening in the current food industry. You could catch up with entire series including the trailer, Episode 1, Episode 2, Episode 3 and Episode 4 (the final video) at Chipotle’s official website.

Oh, here is some behind-the-scene, if you haven’t watched it yet ; )

3. Natural Face Masks for Acne

Looking for some natural home remedies for your sensitive and acne-prone skin? I have found some easy and affordable options for you with anti-bacterial properties. Use honey and drops of lemon juice to nourish and brighten up your skin; or, try French green clay with drops of lavender oil for oil control and soothing benefits (if you have oil and sensitive skin); alternatively, play around with aloe vera, honey and turmeric to heal and moisturize dry skin with acne.

Personally, I would also recommend you try making a honey yogurt mask with drops of lemon juice. I have recently tried this experiment and loved it, as it helped heal my acne marks and nourish my skin as well.

4. Cosmetics Industry Reform Proposal Fails Public Health

A news release by Environment Working Group (EWG) on March 6 stated that the cosmetics industry’s legislative proposal to reform cosmetics law would prevent the federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA)  from withdrawing harmful substances outside of personal care products.

What is the message behind this? That means the cosmetic products with hazardous ingredients may still find their way to go to the market and land into your shopping cart. We need to educate ourselves and always remember to read labels. Why is that important for the skin? That is because dangerous chemicals inside your personal care products may disrupt your hormonal system and lead to skin disorders. Here you may find a list of chemicals that deserve your attention when it comes to choosing personal care items. If you find the list of strange names too overwhelming, don’t worry! I find that EWG’s app, Skin Deep, is useful to help you investigate different brands and their products.

5. Free Your Mind with Productivity Housekeeping

Okay, I cannot stress too much the importance of stress control, because stress is one of the greatest toxicities that cause harm to the body and the skin. I am not sure about you. Whenever I have stress and develop anxiety, I can easily break out especially in the forehead area. The issue of being able to manage stress is so important to us that I feel obligated to include tips on stress management from time to time in my news updates. This time, one great way to relieve stress I would like to share is improving your productivity at work.

How to improve your productivity specifically? Leo Babauta, who runs the Zen Habits, has a great answer – to clear up your mental space. He suggests spending some time each week to finish small tasks which, if ignored and piled up, will eat up a lot of your energy.  So, make sure you spend some time cleaning up such invisible burdens as paying bills, filing taxes, disorganized folders that take up a lot of your time to think about where to get to before you reach the file you want, and etc.

6. Three-Minute Yoga Exercise

Besides, cleaning up the clutters, here is another way to relax your mental muscles – 3- minute yoga flow.

A quick question for you: do you have a morning ritual you stick to each day? I do. Each morning after I wake up, I drink a glass of warm water (600ml) with juice from half a lemon; then I try to do some meditation, followed by my yoga practice. Personally, that has given me some “me” time, so that I can focus on myself before I begin my day. This ritual helps me stay more focused and calm throughout the day. And I highly recommend you give it a try — some mental relaxation and stretching as the first thing in the morning, and bring the calmness you later cultivate into the rest of your day!

By now, I hope my opening statement makes more sense to you. In the journey of fighting for clear skin, I am wiser because of the research I have done and shared with you. I have also become more savvy because I know that we cannot easily trust what we see and hear, but instead should critically select information that makes sense and is responsible for us consumers. I am also more productive because improving productivity can reduce my stress levels. And, the best part? I am growing and improving myself with you!

As always, I hope that, by reading my news updates, you will have a holistic view about how to improve your skin condition. It is closely related to what you eat, what personal care products you are using and whatever stress levels you are experiencing. So, be your own skincare specialist; and start evaluating different aspects of your life and making small improvements one step at a time.

Oh, one last (but certainly not least) thing, remember patience is truly a virtue when it comes to treating your skin problems. We cannot rush something we want to last forever; otherwise, we would develop more stress and consequently break out more often. Hope this makes sense to you ; )


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