Tracy’s Pick of the Week: 3/3/14 – 3/9/14

If I need to summarize this week’s updates with one sentence, it will be…

You are what you eat, what you use, and what you feel.

If you choose to eat low quality food, it will lead to poor health and can cause skin problems of different kinds. If you choose to use unhealthy skincare products or be easily stressed out, your skin and body will eventually reflect your choice, too, potentially by breaking out more often or by displaying other health-related issues. Read for more details below!

1. “Farmed and Dangerous” by Chipotle: Episode 3 Released

In case you don’t know yet, I have been following “Farmed and Dangerous”, a 4-part web series produced by Chipotle with the mission to wake people up, make us become more aware of what is really in what we eat, and pay more attention  to food industry practices these days. If you have been following my news updates, then you have already known that the series launched the first episode on February 17 with each new episode released on the following Monday.  The satirical tone given to the production makes it not only fun to watch (I have already become addictive to this series; and cannot wait to see the next and last episode next Monday, which is tomorrow!) but also very thought provoking.  These days, more and more consumers realize that marketing messages go more in favor of the advertiser and its branding, but not so much speak for us consumers.

The lesson I have learned by watching these past three episodes is that we need to be more critical about the food supply these days and do our own research. That means, we should not only pay attention to what a brand says inside the commercials, but what ingredients it uses to produce foods and what it does in the food industry as well. Always remember you are what you eat. What goes into the stomach will directly impact our health and ultimately be reflected on our face.

Oh, FYI, the next and last episode is just around the corner (March 11, 2014). Make sure you don’t miss it. Or, if you haven’t started watching this whole series yet, you will be able to catch up with everything (including the trailer, Episode 1, Episode 2 and Episode 3) here.

2. “Yoga Mat” Chemical Found in Nearly 500 Foods

Are you are a bread person? If yes (which is very likely), then you should read this. Earlier, as I mentioned in one of my latest news updates (News No. 1), Vani Hari, creator of, discovered a chemical that is used Subway sandwich bread called azodicarbonamide (ADA). This is also the same ingredient used in shoe rubbers and yoga mats, which if ingested, will cause a series of health issues such as respiratory problems and skin irritations. Riding on the waves of the ADA controversy, Environmental Working Group conducted a research immediately after and found out that, as of February 27, 2014, the same harmful ingredient was also being used in nearly 500 items and over 130 brands of bread (how scary!), stuffing, pre-made sandwiches and snacks.

Check out this list of items and brands to see if your favorite brand(s) are listed and should grab your attention.

This again reminds us of the importance of reading food labels, doing our own research and becoming more educated and savvy.

3. Food Matters Celebrates FMTV Launch

What is FMTV? To help you better understand the concept, James from Food Matters describes it as “a Netflix but for health and wellness” where you will find documentaries, expert interviews, recipe videos and more.  To celebrate FMTV’s launch, an online party will be held between March 20th and March 31st. In the party, we will be able to watch two documentaries – Hunger for Change and Food Matters – for free with many more bonus video featuring sneak peeks of two newly released films and expert interviews.

I personally cannot wait to see the first free screening Hunger for Change on next Thursday (March 20th). As David Wolfe mentions in his book Eating for Beauty, “the skin should radiate exquisite freshness, thus expressing the inner truth of excellent health.” If you care for your skin, you will want to watch these two documentaries; and choose more wisely what goes into your mouth. I have attached a trailer of these two documentaries below. Enjoy!

Hunger for Change Trailer

Food Matters Trailer

4. Reading Organic Natural Beauty Labels

Alright, enough talks about food for now. Let’s take a look at the skincare industry. Like reading food labels, reading labels on the packaging of skincare  products can be just as important. That’s because not only what goes into your mouth will go into your body, but what is put on the skin can also travel inside the body as well. You have the right and responsibility to truly understand whatever products you are using, for the health of your skin and body. A great way to start is to read the logos representing different standards with which a particular skincare product is tested and produced.

This guide has listed 20 labels and logos commonly seen on different skincare products. This is good getting-started information to assist us in more carefully selecting better and healthier skincare products. That way, we’ll be able to validate marketing messages without blindly follow what’s trendy or what claims to be effective in improving skin. Personally, I will also be investigating different skincare product labels; and will make sure to get back to you with my research results!


Image from YouBeauty

5. The Busy Person’s Guide to Reducing Stress

Do you know what makes stress one of the most toxic reasons for acne? That is because: 1. stress stimulates the production of androgen, or male hormones, which can lead to acne breakouts; 2. it is scientifically proven that stress will disrupt our nervous system and promote irregular sebum development, according to The Clear Skin Diet. 3. Dr. Lissa Rankin, who writes Mind over Body, mentions that stressful emotions will greatly inhibit the body’s self-healing properties.

So, being able to manage your stress is a very crucial step to achieving clear and glowing skin. And, I am sure these five tips offered by Leo Babauta, founder of ZenHabits, will provide great advice and value in terms of coping with stress and help you become more productive as well.

As you see from my news update this time, treating skin conditions is more than just using antibiotics or other medicines, it is about evaluating your lifestyle and refining each aspect that can potentially cause problems to your skin. Specially speaking, in here, we are talking about areas like your diets, skincare knowledge, and stress management.

How about you? Which area do you think is causing you skin problems?


With love,



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