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What is your skin care routine every day? And, are you clear about all the necessary skin care protocols you need to follow as a routine? In this blog, Cristinia Ochoa, Holistic Esthetician, will walk you through the entire process of her recommended seven skin care steps that you must not skip every day.

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Step#1 & #2: Mild Exfoliation and Cleansing
Cristina is a big fan of using facial cleansing brushes by a brand called Clarisonic to slightly exfoliate the skin and effectively drive out dirt. She said that everyone should use this brush to keep a clean, soft and smooth face (please note that she is not affiliated with the brand. She highly recommends it because she loves the brand and uses the brush twice every day).

Other than the brush, her second choice would be using a facial sponge. And, you could buy one at your local organic stores, online, or at a local spa center.

Because of her nursing background, where she was trained to keep a clean and bacteria-free environment, Cristina does not recommend using your fingers to wash your face, because fingers are usually one of the places where bacteria accumulates. Therefore, washing the face with fingers can introduce bacteria back to the face.

When it comes to drying the face, you can either slightly pat on the face till it is dry, or let it dry by itself naturally. Make sure you never rub your face with towels. Furthermore, using towels for the skin is not an ideal option either, because a towel can be a place to grow bacteria.

Step #3: Toner
Also make sure you don’t skip using a toner, because it can help moisturize and skin and balance skin pH.

In my personal research, I’ve also learned that applying a toner can “remove last traces of oil, dirt and dead skin cells, shrink pores and deposit active ingredients within the toner deep into the skin layers”. Additional, this sets an important foundation before you apply other skin applications such as a serum and a moisturizer so that they can penetrate more effectively.

Step #4: Serum
A good serum is important for depositing nutrients into the skin as it is able to penetrate deep than a moisturizer which has larger molecules, and, therefore, believed to be more effective than a moisturizer.

Step #5: Moisturizer
Basically, you will need a day cream and night cream after the serum, depending on the time of the day. Though not being able to penetrate the skin as deep as a serum, a good moisturizer can help lock moisture and hydration on the skin. To sum up, a serum and a moisturizer give the skin different types of pampering.

As a side note, I also learned that applying a moisturizer is an important step before foundation, because it prevents the skin from being clogged by foundations or other makeup products.

Step #6: Sunblock
Cristina recommends applying sunblock three times per day: in the morning before you go out, at around noon time to about one o’clock, and at around four o’clock.

Sometimes, you may even want to consider wearing a sunscreen when you stay indoors because the lights in your place can also hurt the skin and cause hyper-pigmentation. If you notice that you start having freckles after staying at home all day with lights on, you could then consider applying sunscreen.

So, what’s the amount of sunblock you need for each time? From both Cristina and my personal research on how to apply sunscreen, you will learn that you only need about “pea” size of sunblock for your whole face each time. Consider first applying the “pea” size of sunblock on your fingertips; then rub it really hard to create warmth before application, which can help the skin absorb the sunscreen more easily.

Step #7: Extra Protection
As always, extra protection is as important as applications on the skin. Wearing big hats to give your face extra shades and sunglasses to protect your eyes when necessary (especially when it is summertime).

In September, Cristina and I will be working on a series of videos on step-by-step guides on performing all the skin care routines above. If you don’t want to miss this, make sure you subscribe to this blog; and you will be the first one to get notifications when videos are up!

You might have heard of this already – “there are no ugly women in the world, just lazy ones.” So, don’t be lazy; get the necessary work done and reveal your true beauty ; )


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Do your current skin care regimes look like what’s described above? If yes, anything else you would like to share with the community? If no, what is the first thing you will add to your current skin care routine?

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