7 Day Skin Detox Challenge 2

Skin detox challenge Day 1

My First Day in the Short-Term Experiment

Hello everyone. Hope you enjoyed a great weekend. I’ve got some exciting news for you:

Food Matters, a ground breaking documentary that uncovers the secrets to natural health and wellness, has recently initiated a 7-day skin detox challenge. In fact, today is already the third day. But it is never too late to join, as long as you get started. And, here I am sharing more about the details as well as my thoughts and comments on each day of the challenge. If you are interested in cleansing your body, read on!

Why is it important?

Here comes my “why”: to look great, feel better, and become more savvy and confident because the knowledge of how to truly take care of our skin grows. Eventually, we become more beautiful not only because how we look and feel but also what we know we should choose (yes, I believe beauty also comes from confidence; and confidence comes from knowledge!).

Do the homework: how to prepare for it?

What’s special about this week-long challenge is that it also comes with another guide – Skincare Shopping Guide. That way, we are able to understand the big picture (i.e. the true meaning of skincare) first; and, consequently, we can see how to place this week-long plan into the big picture.

Specifically speaking, these two guides both promotes that beauty (i.e. being able to restore healthy glow) can be achieved in several ways: choosing the right foods, living a healthy and natural lifestyle, and putting chemical-free cosmetic products on our skin. We are focusing on the first two here.

Simply browsing through this guide has already gotten me excited because it introduces me to many amazing opportunities to take care of my skin. Without further ado, let me walk you through the seven days to show you why they are beautifying choices for restoring radiance on our face.

Here is the journey…

Day 1: Perfect Green Juice

Skin detox with green juice

Photo by Steven Depolo

Juice is pure liquid nutrition derived from fresh fruits and vegetables. According to Kimberley Snyder, who describes the benefits of juicing in her Amazon Best Seller The Beauty Detox Solution, green juice is packed with enzymes, oxygen, minerals and vitamins. Dr. Norman Walker, pioneer in the field of vegetable juicing and nutritional health, also mentioned that, with juicing, nutrients are “liberated” from other food components and are easier to absorb into the intestinal wall. What’s more juicing serves as a powerful cleanser and fuels the body.

Personal notes:

You may be confused when I mentioned the green juice can fuel the body. After all, this is a fiber-less drink and may be less filling than a green smoothie. In fact, you may easily get hungry after you drink one glass of green juice in the morning. But overtime, when you have incorporated a cleaner diet into your daily life for a longer period of time, you will start to have a more alkaline body which will then start to appreciate the benefits of this liquid form and become more energized (I speak of this from my own experience). In short, it takes time for the body to adapt to diet changes. Additionally, when juicing, I personally would try to limit the amount of sweet fruits (e.g. apples) and sweet vegetables (e.g. beets and carrots), since too many sweets increase blood sugar levels and may cause acne-prone skin to break out. Instead, I would add more greens (e.g. kales, baby spinach) to enhance the juice’s cleansing function.

Day 2: Skin Beauty Salad

Skin detox with green salads

Photo by StandUpAndDoSomething

A raw plant-based dish like this has a lot of beautifying benefits as well. First, it is rich in fiber easy to digest so that the body can most efficiently absorb the nutrients in foods. Fiber can also slow down glucose absorption and stabilize blood sugar levels. As I always mention, being able to balance blood sugar levels means eliminating one trigger that causes acne breakouts as well.

Personal notes:

The beauty of having salads is that we can mix and match different ingredients for different benefits. For example, adding onions can help cleanse the liver and skin as it is high in sulfur, according to Food Matters. Alternatively, we can add different herbs into a salad as well. For example, turmeric can reduce inflammation and help regulate metabolism, whereas basil is another precious gift from nature, as it helps with digestion and therefore allows the body to absorb more nutrients from foods.

Day 3: Dry Skin Body Brushing

Skin detox with dry brushing

Photo by SimpleSenseNow

In the guide, dry brushing is described to be loaded with all kinds of benefits: improving blood circulation, aiding digestion, stimulating the lymphatic system, removing dead skin cells, tightening skin, helping remove cellulite, providing definition to the muscles, energizing, and helping prevent premature aging. The best part is that: with about 10 bucks or less for a brush, we can start reaping all the benefits above by spending about 5 minutes per day doing dry brushing right before the shower. How powerful is that?

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act, but a habit. – Aristotle

Personal notes:

I first heard of the beauty secret from Miranda Kerr, international top model, founder of KORA Organics and a loving mother, and later started doing more research on it. I got my body brush from Amazon and have been using it from time to time. If you have never done this before, be prepared that, for the first couple times, you might feel a little bit uncomfortable (but only a little bit) as you brush all over the body because of the roughness of the texture. But you will soon get used to it as you start using it more often. The beauty about dry brushing right before the shower is that it opens up the pores in your skin, which help detoxify the skin in the shower.

Day 4: Body Scrub

Skin detox with body scrub

Photo by SpaWeekBlog

According to the guide, mineral-rich sea salts and Epsom salts have been used for centuries to promote health and wellness, treat skin disorders, detoxify the body and prevent illness.

Personal notes:

I have never tried this before, but have already ordered a scrubber online immediately after reading this guide. I can’t wait to try this out soon! Instead of using Epsom salts for scrubbing, I have been using them these days for foot bath, which promotes circulation and heals acne marks. Give it a try if you haven’t ; )

Day 5: Dreamy Detoxifying Bath

Skin detox with a hot bath

Photo by Basicknead

This guide introduces us to a lot of natural ingredients that can be added to a hot bath for a full body detox. I am thrilled to learn all the detoxifying and soothing ingredients described there: baking soda (which helps neutralize acids in the toxins stored in our body), Epsom salts (which help reduce inflammation and draw out toxins), lavender oil (which is a great antiseptic and relaxant), chamomile oil (which is also anti-inflammatory and calming), and lemongrass oil (which help revitalize our skin and invigorate the body).

Personal notes:

Even if you don’t have all the ingredients at hand, simply a hot bath can already be a divine treat. You will sweat a lot and immediately see some glow in your skin right after the bath. Here is the caveat: try doing some deep breathing to relax your mind. Who knows, inspirations can happen at any time. Make sure you catch them when they pop up!

Day 6: Yogurt And Honey Facial

Skin detox with a facial

Photo by ZenSpa1

More education I’ve received there: yogurt is high in Lactic Acid which can refine pores, exfoliate the skin and stimulate collagen production. Also, it gently cleans the skin and is suitable for even the most sensitive skin types. As for honey, it is an all-natural humectant which keeps the skin soft and moisturized. It is also an antimicrobial agent and can be used to treat minor burns and cuts.

Personal notes:

The type of honey I have at home is Manuka Honey, which is known for its anti-bacterial and wound-healing qualities and can be used for an alternative acne treatment. I plan to mix this with the yogurt to see what happens.

Day 7: Glowing Green Smoothie

Skin detox with a green smoothie

My First Home-Made Green Smoothie Inspired by Kimberly Snyder’s The Beauty Detox Solution

Food Matters uses a recipe for this Green Smoothie developed by Kimberly Snyder (the nutritionist I mentioned in Day 1’s activity). If you have been following my blog, you will know that her book is one reason that inspired me to start this blogging journey. And her recipe for the Glowing Green Smoothie, which is described in the guide, is the same recipe I used for my first smoothie ever as well (I have documented my experience in “Beauty Detox Diet Plan – Week 1“. Please free to visit!).

Personal notes:

If you are new to green smoothies, this is what you might experience: you will first get a bit terrified by the weird green color. But as soon as you taste this drink, you will fall in love with it because of its taste and its nutrient-packed value it brings to your skin and your body.

Final thoughts…

Welcome to the end of the post (finally)! I hope my sharing of the knowledge in this guide and my personal experience can help you maximize the value you will get from the week-long adventure.

In fact, the 7 skin cleansing habits and Skincare Buying Guide, is an only “getting-started” guide to kick off your journey to embrace a holistic and natural way to take care of your skin by going way beyond using a particular skincare product which the market says works.

Staying connected

Skin detox challenge Day 2

My Second Day of the Short-Term Experiment

I will come back to you and share what I experience and what I feel about this challenge. In the meantime, I will be posting photo updates on my Facebook Page, Twitter, Google + and Instagram. Feel free to stop by and say hi, as I am always looking forward to making new friends ; )

Bye for now. See you very soon for my update!


[Update] My 7-Day Skin Detox Experiment


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