Acne Diet Program – Liver Detox (1/2)

How did you like my juice cleanse experience I shared with you last time? Have you begun your juice cleanse yet? If yes, I hope you had a great experience. If not, well, I hope you will not be scared by this more extreme form of detox below, which, as a matter of fact, can be fun and rewarding! I have broken down my liver detox journal into two parts, as I would like share my complete journey with you in detail.  Let’s begin the first half of our exploration together.  Sit back, relax and enjoy the “ride”…

What is liver detox? Why liver detox?

Liver is one of the most important organs in our body. As WebMD mentions, our liver’s main job is “to filter the blood coming from the digestive tract, before passing it to the rest of the body”. That means how well our liver functions can have a direct impact on the quality of our blood, so that we improve our overall health.

Acne Diet Supplements - Epsom SaltsAccording to the founder of the acne cure program which I am experimenting, liver detox is a step beyond fasting and a way to help our liver detoxify itself more effectively after we drink certain liver detox herbal tea, Epsom salt, olive oil and lemon juice. The process will purify your bloodstream and help you release pea-like greenish “stones” (toxins encased in cholesterol, fat and olive oil) that hinder the body’s detoxification and healing. Besides, based on the acne cure program, a liver detox can detoxify and clear up your skin as well.

Despite my excitement about trying new things, I was still concerned about drinking Epsom salt, which I had never drunk before, until I did enough research on the internet and found soothing results:

Epsom salt is an FDA-approved laxative and contains naturally occurring minerals of magnesium and sulfate. According to, a platform that is dedicated to delivering authoritative content on diet, nutrition, fitness and lifestyle, “the olive oil and Epsom salts cleanse is believed by some natural health practitioners to remove gallstones formed in the liver and gallbladder”. MindBodyGreen, one of my favorite health and wellness platforms featuring advice from holistic health coaches and nutritionists, also recommends olive oil and Epsom salt mixture for liver detox as well. My decision to just go for it was made finally after I searched on YouTube and saw many YouTubers demonstrating how to do an olive oil and Epsom salts cleanse safely at home, which really made me mentally ready!

The process

However, getting mentally ready is not enough, as I would also need to get physically ready for liver detox. Like my experience with my 3-day juice cleanse, getting into the liver detox should also happen slowly to get our body ready and receive the optimal results. As you can see from my acne cure program schedule, “liver flush” phase takes 12 days. While the actual liver detox itself took about one and a half days, I used 10 days to set the foundation for the liver detox.

Acne diet program tracking

Prepare for “the day”

Imagine you are about to set up a romantic home dinner for your significant other as a big surprise, you might first want to get mentally ready for it by thinking about how you want to set up the environment. Then you would need to think about what kinds of dishes to prepare and foods and ingredients you would have to buy. After that, you would need to take actions to go out and get them (without telling your significant other, of course!), before you actually prepare for the dinner surprise. As you can see, even though “the day” itself only takes one day, it actually requires a lot of prepare up front. It is the same case with preparing for “the day” to detoxify your liver:


To start I needed to again watch what I ate very closely, a “Nutrition, Supplement and Candida Eradication (NSC) Plan” was recommended. Eating clean on this type of diet is to make sure I would not reintroduce toxins into our body, so that I minimize the chance that bad foods enter our body and cause burden to our innate organs. Specifically speaking, my diet should be low on fruits, starches and protein, which hinder liver detox process. Then I conducted another juice cleanse for 4 days (accordingly to the program, I only needed to do a 3-day cleanse. But, since I couldn’t buy edible Epsom salt in time, I spent an extra day juice fasting while hunting for Epsom salt. The moral of the story: if you are about to conduct your liver detox, be prepared!)


I took Malic acid for 7 days before my liver flush and had one capsule every day. Malic acid is a crystalline acid present in unripe apples and other fruits and can, according to the program, “soften and breakup liver stones”.

Acne diet supplement - Malic Acid

I also started to take Black Walnut Wormwood Complex a week before the actual liver detox and had it every day to eradicate parasites. An effective liver detox should be conducted in a parasite-free environment, as the program describes.

Acne diet supplement - Black walnut wormwood

Coming next…

So, there you have it: you understand basics about liver detox and know that it is important to set the foundation to optimize your liver flushing experience. Next week, we will be exploring “the day” together in detail. Stay tuned!

Oh, by the way, what is your take on conducting a liver detox? Cannot wait to do it? Scared? Or, not sure yet? Let me know your feelings and thoughts below!

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