Acne Diet Program: My Two-Month Acne Diet Journey Revisited

Time for review

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I started my Acne Diet Program called Acne No More on September 13 and finished the last liver detox on November 6, which marked the end of my experiment, just before I went to a 10-day meditation retreat. The vegetarian meals I had for 10 days at the meditation center was a nice sequel to my two-month acne diet and a good transition to a life with seafood afterwards ; – )

Key Principles that I Followed

Ideally, to achieve the best results, I needed to stick to the following schedule:

  1. Dietary control
  2. A good sleeping schedule
  3. Stress management
  4. Strict skincare routines
  5. Workout routines

As Rome cannot be built in one day, I only managed to keep a good diet schedule and followed my skincare routine. I worked out from time to time, though not as much as I had hoped. And I definitely need to work on the “sleeping” part.  Instead of sleeping for eight hours as planned, I slept for six to seven hours on average.

Acne Diet Plan Journals

  1. Acne Diet Program – NSC Plan, Detoxification Diet and Juice Cleanse: By following the program, I started to see some good results in the first one and a half weeks. My skin conditions were immediately improved right after my three-day juice cleanse.
  2. Acne Diet Program – Three-Day Juice Cleanse Experience: Realizing Juice Cleanse tremendously improve my skin, I then decided to write another blog on that topic in more details.
  3. Acne Diet Program – Liver Detox (1/2): The next landmark was liver detox. Because it was my first time to do liver detox, I spent hours understanding the concept, its benefits, how it works and how to prepare for it. In order to have a successful detox, getting mentally ready and preparing enough ingredients and needed supplements are crucial. So, before getting into the “prime meat” of liver detox, I first wrote this blog on how to prepare for liver detox.
  4. Acne Diet Program – Liver Detox (2/2): With a solid understanding of what is a liver detox and how to prepare for one, now we can get cracking. In this blog, I documented my entire liver detox experiment in details.
  5. Acne Diet Program – Second-time Liver Detox: With previous experience, my second liver detox was less overwhelming to me. And I could see that my skin continued to heal itself slowly but surely.

What Are the Big Lessons I Learned?

Water, water and water!

Drinking enough water to stay hydrated is crucial. Even though it is common sense that we should drink 1.5 -2 L of water per day, my experience tells me that it still depends on different individuals. For me, I believe in figuring out the best benchmark (e.g. how much water do I really need) by observing how my body performs. These days I have been drinking around 4 to 5 L of liquid every day, which I found is good for hydrating the skin and especially for my bowel movements. And there is no side effect, either (don’t drink them all at once, though. Make sure you schedule it throughout the day!). So, definitely work with your body to see the amount of water or other liquid forms your body really needs.

Developing awareness and having constant reflection

After two months, I have developed awareness of associating what I do and how my skin looks. I do this by observing my face in the mirror as soon as I get up. If my skin looks brighter and smoother, I then reflect what I ate or did the previous days and take a mental note of all those beautifying foods and helpful activities (for example, I found that having a calm mind and being at a relaxed state during meditation can slightly heal acne marks). Similarly, if I suddenly have breakouts or some blemishes pop up the next morning, I would go through all activities (i.e. what I ate or did the previous days) in detail, so that I can avoid foods that I may be allergic to (for example, as soon as I stopped rice milk and soy milk, the bump on my chin healed itself within four days) or potentially harmful activities (e.g. stress and anxieties).

What you do to your body (i.e. the type of food you eat and the type of workout you do) and mind directly impacts your skin conditions. This is a simple yet profound message. You may have already known this. However, “knowing” is not enough, as it is only at an intellectual level. You would also need to live and breathe with it. Develop your awareness and do your own reflection. You will see you can be your own doctor ; – )

Just because they are good foods, it does not mean you can overeat them

Quantity of the foods is as important as their quality. In China, we have a philosophical saying that: “a thing turns into its opposite if pushed too far.” So, however many nutritional benefits this particular food can bring you, always remember to control the amount. Here is my story: almonds have lots of nutritional value such as Vitamin E, healthy fats, protein and minerals. Yet, because I had too many almonds on one day, my skin conditions got worse after a few days.

Acne Diet- Almond Effect

The Result of Having Too Many Almonds ;-(


For acne-prone and sensitive skin like mine, applying face oil with a few drops of Aloe Vera gel really moisturizes my skin

With two months’ trial and error, I have found out a skincare regimen that works for me:

  1. Use tea tree oil face wash with warm water
  2. Splash my face with cold water
  3. Use alcohol-free toner
  4. Use drops of Aloe Vera gel
  5. Apply tea tree oil on blemishes (do not over apply as it can dry out your skin and enlarge your pores)
  6. Apply Vitamin E Oil or Argan Oil with diluted by a few drops of Aloe Vera gel
  7. Massage face for 5 minutes (Here is the trick: while doing so, I like to have slow and deep breathing with a clear mind, that is, I only focus on breathing while stopping any thought or fantasy. That way, my skin immerses in a 100% stress-free state while enjoying a good massage)

Be determined and take that first step

When I reflect my journey for the past two months, I know that I could have done better had I taken it seriously enough by scheduling all the activities on my calendar. For example, had I put down “sleeping before 10p” on my calendar and been determined enough to stop all activities by 10p every night, I could have been able to proudly announce that “I keep a good sleeping schedule”; and my skin could have been better as well. You see, it is not that I don’t know what I should do to improve my skin, but that I need to take actions and stay more disciplined.

This may apply to you, too. You may already know all the healthy activities you need to do. You simply need a more determined mind to take that first step. So, if this applies to you, try putting something on your calendar and get going today!

Moving forward…more work to do

According to the Program, there is a maintenance plan to follow after this Acne Diet Program. Below is a list of to-dos I have customized for myself to follow on a continual basis to keep the skin clear and keep the body clean:

  1. Stay committed to a plant-based diet (well, I think I will give myself a treat day each week! ;P)
  2. Manage stress: for this, I plan to meditate (I am using an app called Lift to keep track of this) daily and increase my productivity at work
  3. Aim to work out on a daily basis (again I am using the same app Lift to keep track of this)
  4. Follow a strict skincare routine (which I have laid out above)
  5. Conduct a one-day water fast in the middle of the month
  6. Conduct a three-day juice cleanse by the end of each month
  7. Conduct a seven-day detoxification diet followed by a liver detox every three months
  8. Keep a good sleeping routine (I have also logged this as a habit to track at Lift)

As always, I will keep you posted about my ongoing experiment. For this, I am thinking of giving you a quarterly update ; – )

What’s next?

Now that my acne is mostly under control, I plan to start focusing on healing acne marks. Stay tuned for my next experimental blog to see what I discover to heal acne marks!

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