Acne Diet Program – New Experiment for 2 Months

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Hey there.

It’s been a while since we last met. Hope things are going well with you. I deeply apologize for not having updates for a month (okay, I must admit – it is quite a long time). That’s because I have been seeking a new program to try out as my next experiment. And I have been thinking about how I can bring out the best experience for you as you visit my site. Yet, this will not be the case anymore, as I have decided to see you every week here in my blog (I will keep my word!). Besides, there is a surprise I am working on, which is coming up in less than a month. I am excited about this. Please stay tuned : )

My new experiment

Now back to my latest experiment. Always interested in trying out new things, I have recently started a new diet program to follow, the name of which is called Acne No More. The program reveals a dietary approach to cure acne as well as a balanced healthy lifestyle including getting enough sleep, stress management and working out frequently. In one word, this program challenges me to live a balanced and well-organized lifestyle, so that I am able to cure my breakouts naturally, instead of applying topical medication or taking antibiotics.

Why am I doing it/why do I choose this product?

As I mentioned in my “Beauty Detox Diet Plan Journey”, the book The Beauty Detox Solution “opened my eyes to clean eating and the science of how our body works, I plan to dig deeper in those areas and learn the complete system of how to nourish our body so that our appearance radiates”. A few weeks after this statement, I happened to come across this product (Acne No More) online – such a good timing (law of attraction, anyone?). What fascinated me about this product is that the author, Mike Walden, believes in the power of natural healing and suggests a holistic approach that I feel right: true beauty should be coming from inside out; acne treatment should be started from inside the body; optimal health should come from a well-balanced lifestyle to optimize the performance of our body, the most sophisticated machine on earth; only with a great body can we have great skin. I find this an opportunity for me exploring further in a holistic approach. This will be a sequel to my last episode: Beauty Detox Diet Plan Journey.

What are the regimes I will be following?

I will be doing cleansing on different levels (detoxification diets, juicing fasting and water fasting). As I move on, I will be doing research on different types of cleansing and share my findings on Fridays (my knowledge sharing days). Besides that, I will be also doing the following:

  1. Try my best to sleep from 10p to 6a (yes, it is a bit challenging, considering how late I posted this blog. But I believe, with mindfulness, it can happen. Plus, I will let you know why sleeping from 10 to 6 is important in one of my future posts)
  2. Keep a busy skin care routine, which I will talk more later.
  3. Try to work out every day (I love yoga, so I plan to do yoga every day and jog occasionally)
  4. Manage stress from work and life

To keep track of my schedule, I have also laid out a massive action plan on Google Doc ; ) Please feel free to check out my plan and see what phase I am up to at the moment. Your check-in will definitely hold me accountable!

What’s next?

I just started the program this past Friday (9/13). By the end of the coming Sunday (9/22), I will have been through three phases: “Nutrition, Supplementation, Candida Eradication”, “Detoxification Diet” and “Juicing”. I am excited.

See you in my next post.

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