Acne Diet Program – NSC Plan, Detoxification Diet and Juice Cleanse

Tracking Acne Diet Program

A screenshot of an Google Excel spreadsheet I created to keep track of my Acne Diet Program. Feel free to click on it to visit the whole sheet for more details!

This past week was a productive week, as I kept learning and experimenting new things from my Acne Diet Program and saw some initial success; ) Without further ado, let’s jump right into my update!

What are my diet plans for the past week?

Nutrition, Supplementation, and Candida Eradication (NSC) Plan

This means a diet plan that incorporates the proper nutrition and dietary supplements that allows our body to stay toxin-free, to maintain the proper function of the organs of elimination, to help skin heal itself, to maintain hormonal balance and re-establish friendly bacteria, and to create a candida-free environment. While this plan alone will not help eliminate acne, it serves as an important and essential foundation that provides an environment favorable for acne-removing activities later on.

Thanks to my previous experiment – my Beauty Detox Diet Journey, this does not sound new to me at all (everything happens for a reason, no?). The concept is basically the same: plant-based diets and 75-80% raw foods every day. If this is your first time to see this kind of suggestions, you may feel a bit overwhelmed. But, as you become more familiar with and digest all the process and principles, the concepts just flow naturally in your mind without you having a hard time remembering them.

Detoxification Diet

A Detoxification Diet is a way to eliminate all kinds of foods that have the potential to cause breakouts. As the name suggests, the goal is to detoxify and expel toxins out of our body. At this stage, the food intake is gradually reduced. My task is to befriend vegetables, fruits and nuts only for two days. The key is to drink a lot of water and have small bites of snacks through the day.

Juice Cleanse

Now here comes my favorite part – Juice Cleanse. It is a form of fasting, more extreme than the Detoxification Diet. The idea behind Juice Cleanse is to free our body away from digesting foods, so that it can focus on cleansing itself (do you know that our body has been so busy digesting foods all the time that it rarely has time to detoxify itself? Instead, toxins find their way to stay within the body as an uninvited guest). According to my acne diet program, fasting is “a crucial step” as it “cleanses and rebuilds the organs of elimination, lays the foundation for eliminating candida, expels accumulated toxins from your body, eliminates acne inflammation, revitalizes your oil glands and normalizes hormone production” (reading this made me excited). Interesting, having heard some bad juice fasting experience from my friends, I was not worried about juice fasting at all, as the basic concepts and the science behind the entire acne diet program makes sense to me. For example, I like how it leads me slowly from a normal diet to juice fasting. Yes, I believe everything should progress gradually and slowly! Because of this, I chose to go for juice fasting instead of water fasting. But I will try that latter one someday when my body feels ready.

Why designed this way?

By now you see how this program takes me from a plant-based diet to a juice-based diet. It is designed this way so that the body can adjust to each change to a new and more intense phase and does not feel overwhelmed, in order to minimize detox symptoms.

What did I do during my diet plans?

Detoxification Diet SampleFor my first five days’ NSC Plan, I basically continued my daily plant-based diet routine which I learned from my last detox diet experiment. My adventure officially took off from the Detoxification Diet, when each morning I consumed two tablespoons of olive oil and 3 cloves of crashed garlic after drinking warm water with juice from half of a lemon. Even though it may sound gross and may be a bit hard to chew (as the hot taste from freshly crashed garlic challenged my tastes bud; and it increased my heartbeat), the benefit is there: garlic not only serves as a natural antibiotic, but also purifies your blood. What else for my two-day detoxification diet? Besides drinking lots of water, tea, different juices such as wheatgrass juice, I also made vegetable soup, which was stir-fried.

For juicing, I had much fun with that, because I mixed and matched different vegetables and fruits to do my own experiment. Each day, I consumed five liters of liquid on average during the three-day juicing cleanse. Below are some examples of what I had in those three days:


Juice Cleanse Diet

Grapefruit, Carrot and Ginger Juice and Cucumber, Celery and Apple Juice

Detox herbal tea

Jasmine Tea with Goji Berries. LOVE the taste and smell!

What routines did I follow?

Stress management – this is quick and easy. I did meditation every day for five to ten minutes.

Sleeping routine – I did not get to sleep from 10p to 6a for the past week. Instead, I went to bed at around 12a. My sleeping routine was not very structured; and the amount of time varied throughout the week as well: I slept six to seven hours per day. However, I have been always trying to improve this habit to make it more structured. By the time I write my next update, hopefully the situation will be better!

Keeping a busy skin care routine – this is very important, as we need to take care of our skin externally by following a strict skin care routine as well as internally by following an eating-clean diet routine. The fundamental steps are: cleansing, healing and moisturizing. Nothing is more important than cleansing, as, without a clean face, the nutrition we apply to our skin can never be absorbed properly and achieve the most ideal results. Healing is especially for acne-prone skin, as it serves for antimicrobial purposes and reduces blemishes as well. As acne-prone skin is a sign of dehydration, moisturizing the skin is particularly important. Below is a list of routine I have been following, which I printed out and stuck on the bathroom wall as a reminder.

Skincare Routine Sheet

Skincare routine sheet stuck on the bathroom wall. To prove that I am holding myself accountable ; )

Morning routine

  1. Wash face with tea tree oil face wash
  2. Apply natural healing clay for 15 minutes (while drinking lemon water and meditating)
  3. Wash face with warm water, rinse with cool water
  4. Apply toner and moisturize
  5. Practice yoga (even though I was not actively practicing yoga for the past week, it was listed there as a reminder for me;))
  6. Take a shower
  7. Wash face with diluted apple cider vinegar (1:7) for one minute (the program recommends 1:5. But I found that 1:7 works better for me)
  8. Wash with warm water and rinse with cool water
  9. Apply toner, aloe vera gel, tea tree oil and Vitamin E oil

Evening routine

  1. Dry brush
  2. Take a shower
  3. Take a foot bath and apply tea tree oil on face for 45 min (while reading)
  4. Steam face for five minutes for twice per week (the program teaches me to steam face twice per day, non-stop! After doing some research myself, I found that steaming face too often can dry up the skin. So, I’ve decided to go for a safer route – steaming my face twice per week and only at night instead)
  5. Carefully remove blackheads
  6. Wash face with tea tree oil face wash
  7. Apply sea salt mask for one minute
  8. Wash face with diluted apple cider vinegar (1:7) for one minute
  9. Apply toner, aloe vera gel and tea tree oil
  10. Apply argan oil

How did I feel and look?

I saw that my skin was dramatically improved on the second day of Juice Cleanse. I also feel that I have more energy right now: I remember the first day of my juice cleanse, I napped for one hour in the afternoon. Yet, I have been less tired these two days after my juice cleanse (even though I only slept for six hours yesterday). As a picture is worth a thousand words, I have attached a picture of how my skin evolves over the past week. It is not perfect. But it is improving slowly but surely: ).

Face before and after juice cleanse

My face on 9/18 (before Detoxification Diet) and 9/23 (after Juice Cleanse)

What’s next?

Since juice cleanse has helped me so much from the past week, I would like to write a post specifically for my Juice Cleanse experience. Also, I’d like to explain why some of my friends failed their Juice Cleanse experience, so that you do not have to fall into the same trap if you have decided to juice fast someday. Stay tuned for next Sunday (10/6)’s update!



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