Acne Diet Program – Second-time Liver Detox 2

How time flies. My acne cure program has almost come to the end. I am so happy that I have come thus far and learned a lot in the journey. As promised, this is an update for my second liver detox experiment (check out my first liver detox, if you haven’t!).

My second time of liver flush was a lot easier for me. With previous experience, I was no longer overwhelmed or intimidated by the process, both mentally and physically. Rather, I simply plugged myself in the procedure and repeated the steps I followed during my liver detox for the first time. Now, let me quickly guide you through my second liver detox experiment:

3-day “Juice Cleanse”

mango and blueberriesThe program recommends a three day juice fast before the liver detox day. However, on the first day of my juice fast, I felt a little bit light-headed and concerned that I might experience low blood sugar. So, instead of having apple juice as suggested, I had two apples a day instead. Besides, I also had blurry night vision. I then also had 1-2 small bowls of frozen blueberries and mango chunks, which can both improve our vision, by defrosting them in the microwave for about 1 minute during my “juice fast” day (and it helped!). So instead of having a real juice cleanse for 3 days (now you see why my “Juice Cleanse” subtitle has two quotation marks on it), I actually went on a fruit diet for 3 days.

Liver Detox

Right after my 3-day fruit diet, I made myself a power chocolate smoothie in the morning (I will include a recipe below), and simply followed the steps from the first time. What I did differently the next day was that: I had only smoothie for lunch and a low-fat meal for dinner after finishing the last portion of Epsom salt mixture, because I wanted to have some easy-to-digest food so that it wouldn’t cause too much burden to my liver. So instead of having avocado and smoke salmon (which were sitting in the fridge waiting for me), I had watercress soup, lentils and red and black rice.

Clean diet

Watercress soup with goji berries


Blank and Red Rice



To replenish the electrolytes in the body, this time I had Electrolyte Stamina instead. I also added coconut water to my smoothie and took probiotics after my meal.

Electrolyte Stamina

Electrolyte Stamina

One thing that I was proud of and loved the most was the Astragalus soup I made with the recipe my mom told me, which I will also include at the end of the post. The powerful soup can strengthen liver function, keep your skin moisturized and allow Qi flow within your body. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, Qi is an important element we need to have to keep our body healthy and energized (Qi can be understood as circulating life forcing energy). A bonus this soup gave me is that it warmed up my body immediately, which was a blessing when I drank it in such a cold day!

Liver detox soup

Astragalus Soup with Longan and Chinese Red Dates

How My Skin Looked

From my personal experience, I do believe that liver flush is really a great way to improve our skin and heal acne scars. Below is the picture of how my skin looked before and after liver flush:

Tiny Difference in 2 Days!

Tiny Difference in 2 Days. You can also see that my acne scars are slowly fading away.

Bonus: Self-made Power Chocolate Smoothie Recipe

Liver detox diet

Self-invented Power Chocolate Smoothie


3 handfuls of spinach

3 stalks of celeries

1 grapefruit

1 cup of frozen berries (blueberries, strawberries and cherries)

1 cup of frozen mango chunks

1 cup of coconut water and 1 cup of clean water

1 tbsp of cocoa powder

1 tbsp of acai powder

1 tbsp of goji berries

1 tbsp of chia seeds

How to make it:

Just throw everything into Vitamix and blend away!

Bonus: Astragalus Soup Receipe

Liver detox soup

Astragalus Soup with Longan and Chinese Red Dates

1 cup of dried Longan (or, “dragon eye”)

10    dried Chinese red dates

10 grams of Astragulas chips

2 tbsp of goji berries

1 liter of clean water

How to make it:

  1. Add Astragulas chips and goji berries to the water and bring the water to a rolling boil
  2. Bring it to “simmer” and let it sit for about 50 minutes
  3. Add dried Longan and Chinese red dates to the mixture and let it sit for another 15 minutes

What’s Next:

So proud of myself that I have been sticking to the acne diet program for 2 months already! I have definitely seen my skin get better day by day and have loads of thoughts I would like to share with you. Please stay tuned for my update. I will revisit my entire experiment and share with you my biggest ah-ha moments

Till then!

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2 thoughts on “Acne Diet Program – Second-time Liver Detox

  1. Reply iona chavela Oct 27,2014 6:48 am

    can you list every meals that you ate during juice cleanse, detox diet, nsc plan and liver detox for lunch and dinner, it would really helpful because im really confuse 🙂

    • Reply Tracy Huang Oct 29,2014 12:33 am

      Hello Iona, thank you so much for stopping by and for your comments!

      For Juice cleanse: you can visit my post on juice cleanse to check out what I drank. From there you will learn what I ate, how to conduct a safe juice cleanse. I’ve also copied and pasted the highlights for you right here: “For three days straight, greeted by warm water with juice from half of a lemon as soon as I woke up, I then had wheatgrass, jasmine tea with goji berries, noni juice and different kinds of juices throughout the day. On average, I took 5 liters of liquid daily during the juice cleanse.”

      For liver detox: come visit another post on liver detox to get more details. In that post, I’ve listed everything I ate and drank. I’ve also posted before/after photos 😉

      For NSC plan, basically I followed this schedule: Green smoothies almost every day, animal products 2-3 times per week, digestive enzymes and probiotics every lunch and dinner, raw plants go into my body first, and 80% of alkaline and 20% of acidic.

      For detox diet, I consumed two tablespoons of olive oil and 3 cloves of crashed garlic after drinking warm water with juice from half of a lemon. Additionally, besides drinking lots of water, tea, different juices such as wheatgrass juice, I also made vegetable soup, which was stir-fried. You can read more details in this post.

      Not sure if you have done this already, but please feel free to visit this post where you get an overview of everything I’ve been through in details;)

      Thanks again for stopping by and let me know how else I can help.

      Good luck to your adventure, Iona!

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