Beauty Detox Diet Plan Journal – Week 5 6


6/24/2013 – 6/30/2013.

In Week 5, I started to realize my detox diet journey is a relationship-bonding opportunity for me and my body.  I can understand better what my body really needs and become a more mindful eater. My detox symptoms are all gone by now. And I am feeling clean and light.


How time flies. It has been a month since I started my detox diet journey. It is interesting to closely watch how my skin and body reacts to the food I eat. I have come to realized two things:

1. Each One Of Us Has A Chemist Living Within

Detox diets compared to chemistry

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Just as a chemist carefully drips chemicals into test tubes to perform different kinds of experiments and observe various chemical effects, we introduce different types of foods (“chemicals”) into our body (“test tubes”) so that we experience afterwards how we look different or feel different (“chemical effects”).  We, as “chemists”, have to be careful with “chemical effects” by “chemicals” introduced into “test tubes”. In chemistry, with the right combination and instructions, we produce the results we want to see. On the other hand, with improper combination or instructions, we may cause explosions of test tubes. It is the same situation as feeding our body with foods. With a right amount of intakes and right food combination, our body easily digests foods and absorbs nutrients efficiently. Otherwise, undigested foods may leave an acidic environment that causes aging, constipation and other health issues.  The conclusion? Better be a careful and responsible chemist!

2. Our Body Has A Voice (It Is A Matter Of Whether We Can Receive Its Calling)


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A lot of times, we busily take care of things that we think are the most urgent and important. We are too busy with sorting out different kinds of external signals in the world. Often times, we can barely hear any internal whispering from our body that wants to communicate with us. We feed it on foods, thinking that is enough; but we never listen. Have you ever had any lunch and dinner – even if you are not hungry – just because it is lunch time or dinner time? How good are you at resisting the temptation to have that extra bit of your favorite food (especially when you are at a buffet) even if foods you consume are already squeezing your stomach wall? When you have breakouts on your face, do you know it may suggest a detox symptom that one of your innate organs is signaling you to pay more attention to?

Having a detox diet and documenting the journey enhance the relationship between me and my body. I pay more attention to the “voice” within my body, observe and discover how it reacts to whatever I feeds it. The process helps me distinguish what I think I need and what I really need, making me more aware of my daily intake.

What I Had In Week 5

detox diet menu plans diet menu recipe lentilsSmoothies were still my morning energy source. A fun part of making smoothies is that I mixed and matched different ingredients, became quite creative and just enjoyed myself in the process. Simple joy, anyone? This week, I added wheatgrass powder and goji berries into my smoothies (I have attached a recipe I came up with for my morning power green smoothie at last). Besides having green salads for majority of the week, I tried some new dishes to add colors and happiness to my days. Inspired by Ms. Kimberly Snyder’s The Beauty Detox Foods, I invented my own dishes: mixed veggies with buckwheat and avocado sprouts rolls.  Oh, I also had a lot of lentils. Love that chewiness and the smell of the legume family. In case you were wondering, lentils are a good source of fiber, protein, iron, folate and magnesium (as matter of fact, a better way to consume lentils is sprouting them, which I didn’t do but will experiment in Week 6. That way, our body can better digest sprouted lentils and absorb their nutrients).

How I felt and looked

No constipation. No bloating. No new breakouts (except that I have to deal with my acne marks more diligently). What more can I ask for? In return, I had regular bowel movements. For 5 days out of a week, I had bowel movements twice a day. I am guessing this is due to newly-introduced probiotics after each of my detox diets and high-fiber lentils.  By now, my bowel movements are back to normal (or function even better) . I am glad to see my body has been working hard to get to a better condition ever since I started my detox diet journey, while I am listening more closely to what it whispers to me.

Self-invented Morning Power Smoothie (Recipe)

Alright, here comes one of my fun experiments…

diet menu plan smoothie ingredients

1 green apple

1 pear

1 banana

½ long cucumber (about 7 inches)

3 stalks of celeries

2 handfuls of spinach

½ bunch of cilantro and parsley

3 big pieces of romaine lettuce leaves

2 scoops of wheatgrass powder

1 tablespoon of goji berries

½ cup of raspberries

1 cup of coconut water

½ cup of filtered clean water

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