Beauty Detox Diet Plan Journal – Week 1 4


5/27/2013 – 6/2/2013.

What I did for my diet – In the first week of my new diet plan, I introduced digestive enzymes, probiotics, Glowing Green Smoothie (as my breakfast in the second half of the week), and raw vegetables (before each lunch and dinner).

What happened – I experienced “detox symptoms”: a few breakouts, rashes, constipation, gas and fatigue.


Before the Journey

Before The Beauty Detox Solution, I would consider myself a “somewhat” healthy eater.  Below is a list of principles and routines I stick to:

  1. Lemon juice every morning: I have been drinking warm water with juice from half a lemon since December last year.
  2. No wheat and dairy: Since August last year, I have been staying away dairy and wheat (except a little bit of a cheese sometimes when I ordered salad outside). I had been having cereal with milk in the morning and yogurt as a snack since 2010, when I came to Boston for my graduate study.  Only half a year after I landed on the US, I had severe breakouts (I mean “severe”). I would never ever associate milk and yogurt with my skin problems, as “milk” and “yogurt” were a synonym of “a healthy diet” to me.  And I barely did any in-depth research on it. It was not until my boyfriend (now my husband) showed me tons of research and suggested I stop having any milk, yogurt and wheat when I realized how much trouble milk, yogurt and wheat had caused me. After stopping dairy and wheat, my skin was dramatically improved and breakouts were in much more control.
  3. Plant-based diets: I mostly live on a plant-based diet (cooked meals for most of the times, because Chinese do not often have raw veggies and we tend to have warm foods) and from time to time I would have some meat (I love seafood!).
  4. No white rice: Even though white rice is the staple of standard Chinese diets, I do not eat white rice (except for very rare occasions), because I found that refined white rice has little nutrition value. Instead, I would substitute brown rice, quinoa and buckwheat for white rice.
  5. Dietary supplements: I was already taking some dietary supplements like vitamins and plant-based oil for omega fatty acids.

Even though I think I have a “pretty healthy” diet and sleep 7 hours on average per day, I still have breakouts from now and then.  I am gradually feeling that I am not in control of my own health and that there is a “communication gap” between me and my body (and having breakouts is not a pleasant experience at all, both physically and emotionally). That’s when I realize I need more than this “pretty healthy” diet.  These days, I have been actively doing research on and reading health-related articles and books to “enhance” the relationship between me and my body.  The Beauty Detox Solution is one of them. While I read Amazon reviews from the pro and con sides, and do agree with some of the negative comments (e.g. I liked one neutral comment at Amazon), I enjoyed this book because some of what the author says is what I am already practicing for more than half a year (e.g drinking warm water and removing dairy and wheat), which works for me. Also, being too critical or concerning too much might lead to “analysis paralysis”, a state of over-thinking which leads to fear of taking actions. It is my belief that the best way is to experiment it myself and keep an open mind. In generally, I like this book because it is informational and, most importantly, has inspired my interest in pursuing health and nutrition further.  Whether or not I would recommend this book to you I still don’t know.  That’s why I am beginning this experiment and document my progress!


Beginning the Journey

detox diet plan juiceI bought this book in late May and finished it in one week. As soon as I got this book, I didn’t patiently read chapter by chapter; but, instead, eagerly read Part 1 and Part 2 at the same time (Part 2 is mostly about following the sample diet menu plans). After quickly browsing the catalog, I mistakenly thought the three phases that Ms. Kimberly Synder describes – Blooming Beauty, Radiant Beauty and True Beauty – were designed as a 3-week diet plan. So I started Day 1 at Blooming Beauty right away, while reading Chapter 1. That is how I took on my experimenting journey.

I began introducing a few elements into my diets: digestive enzymes, probiotics, Glowing Green Smoothie as my breakfast later in the week (when I realized I didn’t have to wait to the second week – Radiant Beauty Phase – to try it, silly me!), raw vegetables before lunch and dinner. Now as I see it, the first week was quite an adventure as I drastically introduced a series of new elements and diet routines into my body. All in one week.


The Results

Well, that is when I realized drastic change may not be a good thing (the only reward was that Glowing Green Smoothies tastes really good). While I was anticipating “radian skin” and “renewed energy”, what I got in return in this first week of “sorrow” was a few more breakouts, rashes, constipation, gas and fatigue. I guess this might be the “detox symptoms” described in the book. And, as I did more research online, I became more convinced that it was a sign that my body was releasing toxins as I changed my diet plans. The process stimulates my body to release greater than normal quantity of toxins and some innate pathways where my body eliminates toxins suddenly becomes overwhelmed (here’s the source). Knowing what would follow after beginning this program, I suddenly became much less anxious.

While all these happened unexpectedly, I am still hopeful that those symptoms will go away. I am giving myself more patience, while exploring ways for my body to release toxins faster in any possible way. I like it when the book says the Beauty Detox Solution “is a long-term way of eating…there is no need to ‘sprint’ and get there immediately”, as I believe patience is truly a virtue to get everything done successfully.



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4 thoughts on “Beauty Detox Diet Plan Journal – Week 1

  1. Reply Joey Jun 11,2013 2:04 pm

    Nice start and good suggestions. I will follow you:)

  2. Reply Brian Jun 8,2014 11:05 am

    There are differences in milk. I wonder if the large amount of steroids and antibiotics given to cows are having an adverse reaction. I try to limit myself to one glass 2% fat milk per day and cereal very rarely.

    • Reply Tracy Huang Jun 17,2014 11:05 pm

      Hi Brian, that could be the case, too. How cows are raised here in the US causes a lot of problems. So it is safe to minimize milk consumption 😉 There are a lot of good alternatives you can try out, such as almond milk, walnut milk, flex milk and hemp milk!

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