Beauty Detox Diet Plan Journal – Week 2 2


6/3/2013 – 6/9/2013.

I have chosen to stick with Phase 2 – Radiant Beauty – in Beauty Detox Solution; and plan to follow a set of rules for 6 weeks. I did not experience any new feelings but only had a few more breakouts in the beginning of the week.


My Diet Routine:

After spending the first week to orient myself, I now feel more ready for the detox diet plan.  Having told myself that I should patiently stay in one phase for at least a month before I see some results, I have decided to start from Phase 2: Radiant Beauty and below is the set of routine I am following:

  1. I drink Green Smoothie at least five times a week at breakfast time (for days when I do not have Green Smoothie), I have grapefruits instead;
  2. I consume only alkaline-forming plant foods in the mornings (no cooked grains or foods);
  3. I have reduced intake of animal products to two times per week;
  4. Salads have become the staple of my diets;
  5. Digestive enzymes and probiotics are now VIPs at my lunch and dinner time (I take enzymes before every lunch and dinner, probiotics right after meals);
  6. Raw plant foods are the majority of my meals and go in my body first;
  7. I am following the 80/20 rule: 80% of alkaline foods and 20% of acidic foods;
  8. It is not until my stomach feels like food that I start taking breakfast.

What I am also following is an interesting and helpful tip given by Ms. Kmberly Snyder: always get ready. There are times when we have to eat out and foods outside are not always healthy. That’s when planning ahead can be helpful. For example, attending conference means bagels and muffins for breakfast and pizzas for lunch, according to my own experience. That’s why I intentionally carved out 10 minutes this Saturday to pack a bag of carrots and celeries before I attended a conference.

You may be wondering how strict I am following this.  I follow this 90% of the time for the past week. For the 10%, well, I sneaked out in the middle of the conference for a piece of pastry for breakfast because I was so hungry (I only drank a cup of orange juice there before the conference began. As I am writing this, I am sensing a little bit of guilty. But, let it be. Let’s move ahead)! I plan to strictly follow this for 6 weeks (which means there will be 5 more weeks of Beauty Detox Diet journals ahead) to see how this diet plan works for me. Excited about this new journey, I have documented a diet journal for the past week in my Instagram. Here is the screenshot of it:

Detox Diet Plan Menu

How I feel and look:

To be honest, it is hard to tell how I feel, since “feelings” are such subjective measurements.  I do not feel “energized”, as the book describes. But, that doesn’t mean I am tired, either. I feel the fatigue sometimes.  Yet, I am not sure it is because of the continuation of the “detox symptons” I experienced in Week 1 of my detox diet plan, or because of me staying up late (thus not getting enough energy on certain days). Whatever the reasons might be, there is one thing I am sure of. I have realized these days: diet plans should go hand in hand with healthy routines for work and rest to achieve optimal state of health and well-being.  In another word, to feel the effect of the current diet menu plan, I have to ensure I get enough sleep as well, which I will work in the following weeks.

There were a few more breakouts in the first two days of the week. And, some have been with me for two weeks by now (they are very stubborn!).


Side notes:

Seriously, having breakouts for more than two weeks can be a source of motivation to combat detox symptons (at least for me).  For the past week, I have been researching online to learn how acnes in different parts on our face can relate to our inner health and what the suggested treatments are. Even though there isn’t scientific proof that how one specific part of the face relates to a particular organ inside our body, at least there are some action plans as references.  And I don’t want to have my breakouts “at large” (meaning: not knowing how to deal with them).  As my breakouts mostly aggregate on my right cheek, my research shows that it may suggest toxins in my lung. And I am advised to consume more fruits except mangoes (mangoes are not good for sensitive skin like mine) and “white foods” like white radishes, yams, almonds, pears and lily bulbs, which I may consider introducing into my diet next week!

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2 thoughts on “Beauty Detox Diet Plan Journal – Week 2

  1. Reply Jackie Yang Jun 18,2013 2:53 am

    Very systematic, educational, informative and impressive.

    Interesting to read “How I Feel and Look”.

    I am not a breakfast person. This has been for years.

    Reading your blog push me at least thinking of how to take care of myself.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Jackie Y

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