Beauty Detox Diet Plan Journal – Week 3



I still experienced constipation; but breakouts were under control. To get rid of my detox symptoms, I tried several experiments: getting more rest, dry brushing, taking foot baths and yoga.


The third week into my Beauty Detox Diet journey.

Except that I had animal produce for three times (instead of two times as I had planned to do), I followed the rest of the rules I set for myself. Well, achieving goals takes time.  We cannot get what we aim for immediately, right (imagine a guilty smiley face)?  What have been on my list? Most of the meals are repeated dishes from Week 2’s diet menu – I followed the same recipes and made them again.


How I felt and looked

I am still experiencing constipation (having bowl movements every other day). The good news is my breakouts are under control now. There were a couple days when I felt sleepy and needed a siesta in the afternoon.


How I combat detox symptoms

What is exciting about Week 3 is that: I consider it as a combating-detox-symptoms week. Knowing what I am feeling and how I look right now can be side effects of my diet change, I spent the majority of the Week 3 in studying detox symptoms and how to deal with them.  Below are the tactics I used  to help my body release toxins more efficiently:

Getting enough rest

When your body asks you for a nap, give it one! Each day in Week 3, I tried to make sure I had at least 15-20 minutes’ napping time (a side note: having the habit of taking naps for even a short amount of time can increase your productivity as well.  I learned about this from a time management program called Wake Up Productive by Eben Pagan, a well-respected American internet marketers, author and speaker). In the meantime, I tried my best to go to bed by 11pm. Ideally, I would like to get myself in deep sleeping mode between 11pm and 5am (I am still working towards this goal). According to the traditional Chinese theory of detox cycles, these 6 hours are crucial because it is when our liver, gallbladder and lung cleanse themselves. Being in deep sleeping mode can optimize the cleansing process.

Dry Brushing

Always excited about trying new things, I immediately ordered a body brushfrom Amazon and started my experiment as soon as it arrived. Dry brushing helps open up the pores throughout the whole body to better eliminate toxins and stimulate our lymphatic system.

Dry brushing for detox

Earth Therapeutics Purest Palm Body Brush

Foot bath for detox

Foot Bath with Salt and Ginger for 30 Minutes Each Time

Taking a foot bath

Interestingly, the recommendation of a foot bath found from my research is actually in line with doctrines of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Chinese people believe that our feet are closely related to our gut. Taking a foot bath can stimulate our respiratory system, circulation and metabolism.  From here, we are not surprised to see why it is a good way to help our body to release toxins. Furthermore, taking a foot bath with salt is especially effective for detoxification. And, the best timing is before we go to sleep. That’s why I did my foot baths with ginger with sea salt for 5 nights before bedtime in Week 3 as another way to remove my detox symptoms.


I have been on a yoga program since this April. It is a 108-day program – called The Ultimate Yogi – with innovative course designs that involve training in cardio, strength, balance and flexibility. All these exercises, along with its amazing meditation series, give me opportunities to sweat, practice breathing, tone my body and stay peaceful from within. In Week 3 of my Detox Diet, I was able to practice yoga 5 times in a week. It is a great source to cultivate patience, as I believe dealing with detox crisis needs some patience from us.

Since I just started those experiments, I cannot exactly say what effects they have on me. But, I will keep you posted about how I feel and look in a few weeks (Update: I later discovered having foot baths can help remove my acne marks)!

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