Beauty Detox Diet Plan Journal – Week 4



The fourth week is when I started to feel the positive change of the detox diet: my skin started to clear up and look hydrated; my bowl movements became regular. And I have decided to quit my guilty pleasure – Lay’s potato chips!


Have you ever experienced a situation like this: you discover a corner in your home is in a mess. So, you are decided to clean it up. You have to pull different pieces out and classify them into categories. This is what I call Phase I. Counter-intuitively, in order to organize this pile of mess, things just become messier. This is Phase II. At the next Phase, you pack things together according to different categories, put them back to where they should be, or simply place them back to the same corner in a more organized way. And, there you go: this corner in your room looks neat and cleaner, making you feel comfortable and happy.

detox process example

What I experienced in the first 3 weeks is similar to Phase II: In order to detoxify my body, I experienced different detox symptoms which are totally on the opposite side of my goal: breakouts instead of clear and radiant skin, constipation and bloating instead of regular bowel movements, fatigue instead of renewed energy, and more others. Interestingly, as I progressed into Week 4, I started to be more convinced I am on the right track, moving all the way to Phase III:

detox diet supplement probiotics

Adult’s Probiotics by Flora Udo’s Choice (Left), Theralac Probiotic Master Supplement (Right)

My skin started to clear up (except for a few acne marks) and looked hydrated.  Even though I had a couple more breakouts (my guess is that I indulged myself too much with my guilty pleasure: Lay’s potato chips; and I am determined to not allow chips in my diet any more!), that doesn’t affect the rest of my skin to look radiant. My emotions shifted from frustration to “seeing the light at the end of the tunnel” when I experienced constipation and bloating for two days and went back to normal bowl movements once a day.  At the end of Week 3, I started  a new type of probiotics, changing from Adult’s Probiotics by Flora Udo’s Choice to Theralac Probiotic Master Supplement. I think the two days of constipation and bloating is due to my body adjusting to the supplement change – probably another detox symptom.  An interesting discovery is that: having had salads throughout the week, I didn’t experience cravings very often. If I did, it was always a couple hours after my morning green smoothies. If that happened, I would have some almonds, hazelnuts, goji berries as snacks.

What I Had For The Week

As mentioned above, I switched to a new type of probiotics at the end of Week 3, because I wanted to try both probiotics I have at home and experience the difference. Green smoothies have become my daily routine. In Week 4, I had smoothies for 6 days straight and only consumed a banana and a pear on Sunday, which was already enough for me on that day. I started to introduce kale into my smoothies, along with what I usually have: romaine lettuce, celeries, apples, pears, bananas, cilantro (sometimes parsley), and fresh lemon juice. With both kale leaves and stalks added into my blender, you can tell how much fiber I got in one smoothie : ) Besides, I was a vegetarian for 6 days and made myself a simple but delicious tuna salad on Sunday.

One thing I regretted was my guilty pleasure. The consequence of indulging myself with Lay’s potato chips is more than a physical impact. Not only did I look not good, but I did not feel well: I felt all kinds of negative emotions including frustration, irritation, regret, guilt and feeling not healthy. This is a big lesson for me: think before you act. Every one of you have your own guilty pleasure. Next time, before you begin your guilty pleasure, think about the consequences and imagine as if they actually happened and see if you can live with whatever might happen. If you cannot, like my case for having chips, then stop and consider what you trade your guilty pleasure for and whether it is worth the effort.  Be a mindful eater, everyone?

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