[Update] My 7 Day Skin Detox Experiment

Skin detox experiment complete

Day 7 of 7-day Skin Detox Challenge

On February 8, Food Matters designed a 7-Day Skin Detox guide with easy steps and clear instructions to give our body and skin some delicious treats. It ended up taking me 11 days to complete the entire process. And, I have personally learned and benefited a lot from these mini experiments as well. If you are looking for affordable, quick and easy ways detoxify, clear up and nourish the skin and body, I would highly recommend this guide to you.

Since I have been having salads and green smoothies with similar ingredients recommended by the guide, I could not really tell the difference in the skin and how I felt before and after the experiment. Also, since this is only a week-long program, we cannot expect big miracles to happen anyway. However, I did experience some minor miraculous effects immediately after. Below I am sharing with you my discoveries after having been through “Perfect Green Juice”, “Body Scrub”, “Dreamy Detoxifying Bath” and “Yogurt and Honey Facial”. Hope you will enjoy them!

Perfect Green Juice

Skin detox challenge Day 1

Day 1 of 7-day Skin Detox Challenge

Instead of strictly following the given recipe, I only selected what was then available in my pantry for a morning juice. I used one lime, one long cucumber, one apple and three stalks of celeries. All together it produced juice of about 300-400ML. I drank this after I finish my everyday morning ritual – a glass (600ML) of warm water with juice from half a lemon. So, in that morning, I drank citrus juice of up to almost 1L. For me, this immediately stimulated bowel movements.

Body Scrub

Skin detox Day 4 - Body Scrub

Day 4 of 7-day Skin Detox Challenge

To better improve the body’s circulation and detoxification process, I dry brushed the body for about 2-3 minutes before getting into the shower. The body scrubber I ordered online didn’t arrive home on time as I embarked on this new “challenge”. Alternatively, I used my own hands as the “scrubber” by doing circular motions all over the body while pressing some weight on top of it as well.

Scrubbing the body gave it some extra warmth, which was such a bonus treat in a winter day. As I finished shower, I could immediately feel the softness and smoothness in my skin. With the whole body’s muscles got relaxed, I was feeling light and refreshed as I walked outside of the bathroom.

Dreamy Detoxifying Bath

Skin detox day 5 - detoxifying bath

Day 5 of 7-day Skin Detox Challenge

Just like what I did with body scrubbing the day before, I also did dry brushing to open up the pores to get ready for the full body detox experience. Personally, I also made myself a glass (600ml) of chlorophyll juice to get the most out of the detoxifying bath, as chlorophyll can cleanse our blood by rebuilding and replenishing our red blood cells.

I sweated a lot and experienced faster heartbeat. And, if you are also interested in treating yourself to a hot bath, it is not uncommon at all to spot rosy cheeks on your own face as you walk out of the hot bath. After a bath, my whole body felt relaxed and warm. This was perfect for getting ready for bed in a cold day in Boston!

If you are seriously thinking about giving yourself a detoxifying experience, you could turn off your cell phone, close your eyes and practice deep breathing in the meantime, which I did not do this time. But I will make sure to incorporate these practices into my next detox bath ; )

Yogurt and Honey Facial

Skin detox day 6 - yogurt and honey facial

Day 6 of 7-day Skin Detox Challenge

For this experiment, I used Manuka honey – known for its antibacterial properties – for my yogurt and honey face mask. I made this mask and left it on my face for about 30 minutes. Then I washed away the ingredients with warm water, followed by a few splashes of cold water to tighten the skin. After applying Vitamin E face oil and slightly massaging the face for about 5 minutes, I immediately went to bed. And there came the little surprise: the next morning when I woke up and looked in to the mirror, my skin looked moisturized and nourished.

In Conclusion

From this 7-day experience, I have also discovered that my skin was gradually cleared up and acne marks were slowly healed as well. I am very grateful for being introduced by Food Matters into these skincare regimes, which essentially allow us to treat ourselves to a spa at home at a very affordable cost. I have fallen in love with every single one of the recommendations in the process; and have decided to follow these practices on a regular basis. Miracles happen by persistently taking small steps. I am sure if you follow the recommendations (even if you just try one of them) on a continual basis, you will see wonders on your skin and face.

Thank you so much for your visit; and I hope my sharing in this post can add value to your own detoxifying experience. At this moment, I am curious about whether you have started this challenge yet, or which skin cleansing habit is most appealing to you.  Please feel free to drop me a note below!


7 Day Skin Detox Challenge


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